Our team here at EEON spends a lot of time curating our own Watchlists and Screeners to share with our community.

We've created dozens of Watchlists that cover our top picks across the market sectors, as well as Screeners that surface interesting companies based on our custom criteria.

All of our Watchlists are fully available to the public and to all of our Basic Plan members. Some of our Screeners; however, use premium metrics (including our proprietary EEON Stock Scores) and will only be available to our paid plan users.

EEON, Inc. (“EEON”) is not registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (or with the securities regulatory authority or body of any state or any other jurisdiction) as an investment adviser, broker-dealer or in any other capacity, and does not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations through the content (the “Content”) found on eeon.com (the “Site”), EEON mobile application (the "App"), EEON blog (the "Blog"), or otherwise. The Content, Site, App, and Blog are provided for the sole purpose of enabling users to conduct investment research. Other uses of the Content, Site, App, and Blog are expressly prohibited.

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