Select the plus (+) sign on the top left of the Dashboard

You can create either a new Watchlist or Screener. Select "Screener"

Select a "Universe"

    Within EEON, a Universe is a category of securities that can represent a market sector, categorization of securities, or a group we created. To run a screen, you select a Universe which is a collection of companies we apply your filters on.

    Currently, you can only select a single Universe, but our team has plans to create multi-universe Screeners in the future.

Select a Limit

    By default, Screeners will return the top 100 results of your query, but you can limit that further if you want to see a small subset of securities.

Add your Criteria

    To run a Screen you can add a set of Criteria (or rules) for how we filter a Universe.

    Each criterion has 3 parts:

        Metric - This is the metric to filter by. We support > 30 metrics including percent change, price, dividend yield, return on assets, and our own proprietary stock scores.

        Predicate - You can choose either greater than  or less than for how we compare against your metric.

        Value - The value we use to compare against your metric via predicate.

    You can add any number of criteria to get as specific as you want.

Preview your Results

Once you've added all your criteria, you can preview the results of your Screener. This can take up to 10s if you're screening on the All Securities universe.

Name your List

If you're satisfied with the results of you screen, you can move on and name and save your list.

Once you save your list, you'll be redirected to the Heatmap of your new Screener!

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